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About Creo Gaming

Creo Gaming is run by the swedish company, Kreona Holding AB, 559006-2336.
We started in 2015 and our mission is to provide gamers with cheap game keys for Steam, Origin, Uplay,, Xbox Live and many other digital gaming platforms.

The gaming industry is growing rapidly each year and the supply of games has never been bigger. Our service allows gamers all over the world to buy and download games from a range of platforms in one place, to a much lower price. We believe everyone should be able to afford a couple of new games each year. Therefore we have much lower margins than other game shops.
Less money for us, more games for you. That's how much we love gaming!

Cheaper games

It's always better to buy your games from us than directly from Steam, Origin, Uplay or whatever the platform is called. On Creo Gaming you always get the same legit game key you would get from buying your game directly from, for example Steam. You buy it from us and activate it on Steam, Origin or Uplay. Simple!

Quick delivery 24/7

When you buy games from us we'll immediately deliver your game codes by email. Every hour of the day. Every day of the year. You never have to wait to play your new games.

100% working codes guaranteed

We guarantee that the game keys you buy from us works. Many 3rd party game stores can't guarantee this. But we can. Should you, against all odds, get a non-functioning key, we will replace it free of charge.